In Longo Mai
Call for Donations - Children's Club „Los Sońadores“
August 25, 2011

We all have desires, dreams and ideas. They drive us and let us escape from our daily routine in order to discover new things and experience the beauty of life. I have for a long time dreamt about coming to Costa Rica and have fulfilled myself this dream now.

In doing so I arrived at Longo Mai, a small village in the south of the country, which is inhabited by former refugee families and local peasants. The houses here are simple, with only cold water, staple foods are rice and beans and daily life happens primarily on the streets and fields, where coffee and sugar cane are cultivated. Two small grocery stores provide the community with the necessities, one primary school offers basic education and two churches are in charge of the religious life. On the surface everything seems idyllic, but when looking closer, one can identify lots of sorrows and needs.

What has struck me most was the lack of any leisure facilities for the children of the village. After just 3 hours a day at school, where only the basic subjects, and neither English nor Sports or Handicrafts are taught, the children spend most of their free time at the river, on the streets or in front of the TV.

For this reason I have initiated, together with my host family, a weekly playing afternoon, which is now regularly attended by approximately 25 children aged 4 to 12 years. We play games, do handicrafts, read stories, enjoy a little snack and have a lot of fun together! Our aim is to provide children a space for their free development and to promote their skills and talents by offering various activities.

For this purpose I have organized some basic facilities, like games, books and craft materials. To provide these activities on a regular basis we need funding of the current costs, including rent, games, books, art and craft materials and snacks.

In order to establish and run a permanent Children Club „Los Sońadores“ („The Dreamers“) in Longo Mai, and to provide children with opportunities for their free and creative development, we are looking for your support. If you are able to participate in fulfilling some dreams we are very grateful to receive any kind of financial donation however large or small!


Barbara Kussbach
Human Rights Consultant, Vienna

Donations in Europe:
ERSTE BANK (Austria)
Barbara Kussbach
„Los Sońadores“
Account number: 300-326-20351
IBAN: AT212011130032620351

Donations in Costa Rica:
Barbara Kussbach
„Los Sońadores“
No.: 200-01-010-062639-0
SWIFT: BNCRSJCR200010100626390

Der Kinderclub im Rancho von Longo Mai