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Longo Mai National Wildlife Refuge New page about the Longo Mai Wildlife Refuge (2020)
clip Short video clip about the Finca Sonador Sister project circus "Fantazztico" in San Isidro de El General Sister project UNAPROA (environmental organization) The Austrian Service Abroad sends community servants to Longo Mai and other places all over the world Alternative search engine without data abuse

Informational sites about (alternative) politics and economics Against imperialism, various languages Various languages, site with great authors like Vandana Shiva, Tariq Ali, Samir Amin and Arundhati Roy NATO war crimes Excellent site about various topics (NATO war crimes...) we recommend the articles of James Petras Free press network The probably best American TV channel Highly recommended Spanish site, publishers include grand thinkers like James Petras Excellent analysis of the Arab world
(Petras) (Petras) (Blankfort, Bella, Petras)
Information about Israel and Zionism. Why is this topic so important for us? Israel wants to continue its genocide and imperialism. Doing so, it is supported by the heavily censored media of the NATO countries.
Informational sites about Palestine Informational site about Iraqi resistance, information about the Israel boycott, the nuclear terror of the USA, depleted uranium...
Informational sites about depleted uranium
Two sites that seriously support the liberation of Iraq