In Longo Mai
How to get there
Visitors to Longo Mai have the unique possibility to realize long-term projects. In addition, there is a big number of activities that can be done by anyone at anytime.

Talk to the villagers for guided tours on themes such as agriculture, the rain forest and other topics. Tours to the petroglyphs on the Finca Sonador and to the giant "Ceiba" tree are also offered.

A favorite destination for visitors is the Finca Pasiflora, located two miles up the road from Longo Mai. Home-made bread, granola and dried fruit can be bought.

The Sonador river at Pasiflora

Numerous villagers rent out their horses. A time-worthy ride leads to the "Perica", a spectacular waterfall approx. two hours (on foot) from Longo Mai. Bathing is possible (with care) in the lower basin of the waterfall, in the upper one it is perilous. During the rainy season it is advisable to go on excursions in the early morning, as rains and thunderstorms start around noon (Little creeks can rapidly turn into flash floods). In any case, we recommend good shoes and sufficient sun protection.

The village river (Convento) is recommended for swimming. Also, in the surroundings of Longo Mai you will encounter a tight-knit network of forest trails.

Several teenagers offer dance classes. Typical dances are Cumbia, Salsa and Merengue.

You can take Spanish classes (see "Spanish") and, upon request, also Bribri classes. At Maritza's, you can buy crafts or make them yourself.

Pulseras made by Maritza

Among the workshops we can offer you in Longo Mai are the manufacturing of chocolate from village cocoa beans and the making of pupusas (filled Salvadorian tortillas) and coffee. Villagers sell coffee, home-made dairy products and fruit ice cream.

In the surroundings of Longo Mai we recommend a visit to the indigenous people of the Teribes in Térraba, and to the Borucas or the Bribris in Salitre. In the neighboring villages bailes (dances) are held on a regular basis. The closest beaches are Dominical and Uvita; you can get there by bus from San Isidro. Other recommended destinations include the waterfalls of San Gerónimo, the rainforest of the Austrians, the Cerro Cabécar and the Cerro Chirripó.

As a visitor to Longo Mai, you are warmly invited to participate in the every-day life of your host family! Join your family in the garden, on the fields, at church or help them prepare a meal... There are countless possibilities, communication is the key.

Chocolate production